Love what your money can do for you in your marriage


You identify as a feminist and yet . . . you didn’t think you’d be the “breadwinner” in your marriage. You find yourself . . .  

. . . downplaying your financial accomplishments.

. . . wondering what your success looks like to others.

. . . avoiding money conversations because you worry it'll take the fun out of your marriage. 

. . . struggling to find the right words to bring up your thoughts and feelings about what's happening in your bank account

Nothing is wrong, per se, but something just doesn't feel right.

I’ll help you transform your marriage from “it’s working,” to a passionate power couple—using money psychology


As women, we’re not given the same financial education as men, and we have unconscious beliefs that society has taught us, which our feminism is consciously balking against.  

I'm a financial therapist who spent years in psychiatric research. I’ve got the data, tools, and expertise to guide you through my trusted process to shake off the lingering internalized patriarchy that’s impacting your money mindset—so you can feel deeply secure in your marriage. 

My idea of deepening a marriage means . . .

 . . . firmly standing in your strength both as individuals and as a couple.  

 . . . loving what your money can do for you and learning to have fun with it.  

. . . communicating your needs, wants, and desires in an uncomplicated and direct way.  

. . . boldly stating what’s pissing you off so things don’t have time to grow into resentment.  

Let me introduce you to the system that will help you be a feminist, have a steadfast marriage, make damn good money, and not apologize for it:  


Boundless IS for You If

  • You are married or in a serious relationship where you (you magical woman, you) are bringing in the majority of the income
  • You and your husband/partner are in the 6-figure club
  • You are deeply committed to your marriage and feel solid about 99.9% of your relationship
  • You find yourselves fighting about money too much OR not talking about it at all which stresses you out 

Boundless is NOT for You If

  • Are a couple in crisis
  • Want to hand your problem off and have someone else "solve" it
  • Want someone to give you a financial plan or analyze your money
  • Don't want to invest in your marriage  

Here are the three pillars that Boundless is built on:  


First, you have to acknowledge how your relationship with money evolved. We will look at cultural, familial, and psychological factors that contribute to your money mindset.


This is the phase where you dig into the money, learn how to tolerate feeling uncomfortable and develop a #powercouple financial system that runs on autopilot.


Deepen your relationship by strengthening intimacy on all levels: sexual, financial, and emotional.

Here's what it will take

TIME: Boundless meets via video calls twice per month, the more you show up and do the work, the more you will get out of it. Show up to calls and do the work outside of the virtual classroom to see results.

DEDICATION: You and your husband have to be all in. I will not work with a duo where one person is dragging the other (this is different than you encouraging your man to show up). You both need to be ready to go and be prepared to dedicate the time to make your marriage flourish.

  MONEY: Yup, this sh*t ain't free. But it's a hell of a lot better than bouncing from therapist to financial planner hoping someone can understand what you are trying to communicate. You can join Boundless for $5k or six easy payments of $995, whichever is easier.  

Here's What You'll Get

A six month, exclusive relationship course that combines the psychology of money with rock-solid marriage science to help you stand in your unique power— without stepping on each others’ shoulders. You can BOTH level up; it isn't an either-or game. You'll get access to two virtual group coaching calls per month, live educational modules, a community of other power couples ready to become Boundless in their marriages, and two 2-on-1s with yours truly. We’ll start and end the process with a written financial health assessment so you can see where you came from. 

  • Exclusive small-group format that allows for lots of individual attention and feedback from peers
  • 24/7 access to other Boundless couples via a private social network 
  • Six live group Q+A sessions (1 each month)
  • Six live group educational modules (1 each month; most are for both people in the marriage, but some of them are separated into men and women so we can dig into the shit without worrying about shaming your partner)
  • Two 2:1 sessions with a financial therapist
  • Bonus special guest appearances  

The Boundless Roadmap

MONTH 1 LEARN YOUR MONEY STORY-- You'll learn the psychology of how we develop relationships with money as children and how it impacts you as an adult today. It's time to take a look at where your partner came from and their money story. You will each learn from one another without blame.  

MONTH 2 COMMUNICATE CLEARLY--You’ll learn what is making you and your partner “feel weird” about money, sit with that discomfort, and talk through it together. During this month, you’ll learn an evidence-based communication technique that allows for win-win situations when disagreements arise, aligning you as a team and preventing unhelpful arguments.  

MONTH 3 UPLEVEL FINANCIAL GOALS--You’ll dream your way to your long-term goals and reverse-engineer your way there. You’ll learn about money dates and how they can keep the intimacy you’ve developed deepening.  

MONTH 4 CLARIFY YOUR NUMBERS--Learn the clear financial system that is needed to have a trusting financial partnership without relying on scare or shame tactics. This system gives you and your partner the autonomy you crave. BONUS I’ll teach you how to get a raise if you are traditionally employed or increase your prices if you are an entrepreneur to fast-track your path to achieve your financial goals. Past clients have 14%, 23%, and 66% raises after my consultation.  

MONTH 5 ACKNOWLEDGE THE GREAT--Time to acknowledge all the healthy and robust things you have as a couple. You will reconnect to individual strengths that help you become a power couple and recommit to intimacy in your relationship.  

MONTH 6 AUTOMATE STRENGTH--Using everything you’ve learned in Boundless, you’ll create a monthly date night where you can carve out space to continually check in on and invest in your relationship for a sustainable, open, and strong relationship. 

This program IS for you if you...

  • Stress about not being feminist enough if you merge accounts with your partner (you CAN be a feminist AND share funds)
  • Think discussing $$$ will take the romance out of a relationship (it won’t—you’ll gain a deeper level of trust and understanding with your partner)
  • Hope that the money stuff sorts itself out (it won’t)  

Ready to become Co-CFO of your relationship?  

Let's talk. Apply now.  





WHAT HAPPENS ONCE I APPLY? You’ll get a message either inviting you to book a call to determine if you are a good fit OR you’ll be told Boundless isn’t for you. If you make it to the call, we’ll chat about your unique challenges to ensure Boundless is the best fit for you. From there, once you purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email with everything you need to know. We'll get started on January 18th, 2020, and you’ll be able to get information on how to attend and rewatch the live modules and consulting sessions.  

MY HUSBAND ISN’T INTERESTED. CAN I JOIN AS AN INDIVIDUAL? No. #sorrynotsorry. There is a reason I have Boundless set up for couples, and couples exclusively. When I was first getting my financial therapy sea legs, I’d say yes to individuals who were in serious relationships. They’d tell me the money stuff was just “their problem,” or if they were referring to their spouse, that their spouse “could use some help.” And guess what? Those clients made some progress, but it’s really hard to progress in a relationship when only one person is doing the work. So if you are all in, and your husband needs a bit of a gentle nudge, share this message with them! And if they aren’t interested at all, I’m sorry to say that Boundless isn’t for you.  

WHY A GROUP? I DON’T WANNA AIR MY DIRTY LAUNDRY TO STRANGERS. We know making and implementing changes is hard. That’s why it’s important to write down your goals. In fact, writing them down increases the odds you’ll achieve your goal by 42%. But you know what’s better? You are 72% more likely to achieve your goals when you are doing it amongst a group of people in a similar situation. So if you really are dedicated to becoming a #powercouple, let’s do it together.  

MY HUSBAND AND I HAVE ABOUT THE SAME INCOME. CAN WE STILL JOIN? Most likely! Lots of my couples (myself included!) have incomes that see-saw, so they deal with these thoughts and stressors on-and-off. However, handling this baggage now prevents you from having to deal with it the next time you leapfrog your husband’s income. It’s best in this scenario to fill out an application that I can review to help determine if Boundless is for you.  

IS THIS THE SAME THING AS THERAPY? No. While I am a licensed therapist, I’m not providing therapy in this setting. Therapy relies on a patient to self-pace the work, and because of that amorphous time frame, there is no hard-and-fast start and stop. With Boundless, you see what’s coming, prepare for it, and know that you have to do the work in a certain time frame. Containment in this way helps to speed the process up in a way that continues to be helpful without being overwhelming. I don’t diagnose or treat members of Boundless.  

IS THIS A RELIGIOUS THING? No. My approach is strictly secular. While I will incorporate elements of mindfulness and encourage participants to fold in spirituality if it suits them, there is no religiosity and no religious approach throughout this course.  

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Boundless is application-based, and I only make offers when I am certain this will be a good fit. So while Boundless costs $5,000 or six payments of $995, you'll only get the link to purchase if you will be a great fit for the group, and I'm confident I can help you! *A note, as the January 2020 round is my first round, this rate is reflective of that. Subsequent rounds won't be offered at this low founding members' rate.

THAT SEEMS EXPENSIVE So does divorce; on average, a divorce costs upwards of $20k ($33k on average in my homestate of Michigan). But in all sincerity, the average American household spends $7,400 annually they don’t account for. In Boundless, I’ll make sure you allocate that money towards things that are important to you.

WILL I STILL NEED A THERAPIST OR WILL THIS COVER ALL OF MY NEEDS? Boundless has everything you need to give your marriage a strong foundation and you’ll learn communication tools that can be applied to numerous areas of your marriage, not just finances. Sometimes you’ll need to outsource to a therapist in cases of complex trauma or mental health concerns.  

I’M BUSY. I BARELY HAVE TIME TO SCROLL MY NEWSFEED, LET ALONE SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Same. Which is why my calendar has been booked solid for nearly a year. I’m creating Boundless so I can serve more couples because it’s the best way I know how to bend time to help more couples. And when it comes to you not having time? Make the time. Really. You can’t mess around with this stuff. It will take up time when you are tossing and turning in bed because you can’t figure how to bring up money with your husband. It’ll cost you time when you wait (and wait, and wait) for the money stuff to just settle down. Research shows when issues arise in marriages, most couples wait FIVE years before seeking help. Don’t be a statistic.  

WHEN DO THE LIVE SESSIONS TAKE PLACE? Live sessions occur twice per month on Saturdays at 11 am EST.