Are you…  

Afraid that addressing all the money you’re earning with your spouse means you have to be buttoned-up and serious?  

Tiptoeing around the money talk because you’re worried it’ll be boring? Or worse... turn into a fight?  

Having trouble getting on the same page about money?  

You can be a badass earner AND have a sexy, happy marriage.

Download your guide-- and start the money talk today.


You worked hard to get where you are and you wish you could just celebrate and revel in it. You didn’t think earning good money would come with so much baggage. 

 You find yourself...  

. . . downplaying your financial accomplishments.  

. . . avoiding money conversations because you worry it'll take the fun out of your marriage.  

. . . spiraling out when it comes to spending money on the things you want to spend it on--like vacations, home upgrades, and fun nights out. 

And it’s not that you just want to talk about money; it’s that you want to talk about money in a values-based way, which means you can have your ski chateau and fresh powder, too.  

Guess what? You can be a badass earner AND be in a sexy, fun, and happy marriage. Here’s how.  

Couples who talk about money are happier than those who don’t. Let’s start taking back your happiness; you worked hard to make that dough, now let’s have that reflected in your marriage.  

This FREE GUIDE will: 

  • Understand why money talk is so tricky to navigate by learning about all the different conflicting messages we get.
  • Give you 5 templates you can use to start the money talk without poking the sleeping bear that is money in your marriage.
  • Create more intimacy and fun. You’ll be amazed at how much more space is available in your relationship once you get the money sh*t out of the way  

Hey! I'm Lindsay. 

I'm one of 50 financial therapists in the United States, and I help high-earning couples amplify their marriages using money psychology. I help my clients apply proven techniques to increase intimacy and satisfaction in their marriages. It's not about the money. It's about what money represents that's getting in the way of having a healthy, sexy, and fun relationship. Let me help you learn to love what money can do for your marriage.